Insuring Performance Cars

True or false: fast cars must be insured by specialty auto insurers? If you answered “true,” you haven’t checked out the offers presented by mainstream insurance companies recently. Unless your fast car is incredibly rare, or highly modified, almost any auto insurer should be able to give you reliable affordable coverage.

What do you need to know in order to find the best car insurance for your performance vehicle? Here are a few tips to aid you:

  • Big engines cost more to insure: Vehicles with large, powerful engines are considered to be a greater risk for reckless driving and traffic accidents, so the initial quote you receive may seem high. Don’t panic. You can offset much of the higher cost with all the same discounts you’d get for insuring a Toyota Camry. What are these discounts? They include things like home/auto bundles, multi-car policies, safe driving discounts, and even discounts for having air bags in your car.
  • Document modifications: Performance cars tend to sport a greater number of after-market modifications, or mods, than more sedate vehicles. If your fast car has any additional parts – from spoilers to engine tweaks that give you greater speed – make sure you provide your insurance company with details and receipts as soon as you add them, or bring that information with you when applying for a new policy. While it’s true that extensive modifications might require you to purchase an endorsement for extra coverage, the alternative is having your policy cancelled or denied.
  • If you have to go to a specialty product: If your car really does require you to seek specialty insurance, consider checking with mainstream companies that have specialty lines. Farmers Insurance offers a collectible car line, and may even allow you to bundle your collectible performance car on the same policy with the VW Beetle you drive to and from work every day, or the minivan driven by your spouse. Even without bundling, that specialty insurance may be less expensive because a mainstream company is backing it.

The bottom line is this: Insuring a fast car doesn’t have to be horrifically difficult or extremely expensive. Spend some time reviewing the information at comprehensive insurance website like, get a few quotes, and find the best product for your needs and budget.

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